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Ansh Chopra

Designer | Entrepreneur | Writer

I love working on cool things with cool people
Co-Founder - Rant

We all start somewhere...

Starting my journey!

Till 11th standard, I wanted to become a music producer

My first plunge into entrepreneurship:

"Chance encounters are what keep us going" - Haruki Murakami

  • Started a custom T-Shirt printing business partly because we wanted to do something cool and partly because we wanted some extra money

  • Fell in love with the whole process, from brainstorming to execution

  • Realized that I wanted to build something more than music and jumped out of science

Honestly, I hated school...

But I fell in love with books!

Due to the T-Shirt company I started, I shifted my obsession from music to books, and I started reading a book a day

From reading came realizations

I started making plans, creating structures and envisioning things that did not exist... yet

  • Is it possible to get accepted into a top 10 business school (with a scholarship) in the US even if you slacked through your previous years in high school? Yes.

  • Is it possible to launch multiple profitable projects at once and yet ace college level courses? Yes.

  • Is it true that everything around us, our entire reality, can be changed with enough focus and concentration? Yes.

The best way to build a great business is to dive deep into things you are interested in:

My interests

I self taught myself a number of concepts in economics, became obsessed with philosophy, and stumbled onto working with PhD students on a design project. I also fell in love with history, psychology and poker.

Through the learning came ideas:

  • TokSquad - Tinder x Tiktok

  • Perspective - anonymous conversations with people near you

  • Wing - a quiz game dating app

  • One.do - The world's simplest task app

Building something great starts with a foundation

My unique insights

a. Conversations are the center of our social reality.
b. All we have is time. All we want is a better management of our limited time.

A way to look at the world

The people around you have a movie of their life playing in their heads. As you are around them, you automatically have a part to play in that movie. What kind of role you play in that movie is up to you. Your role is defined by what you do. However, what you do can be better measured by this simple rule – your role is to make everyone a hero in their movies. And once you master this rule, everything changes.

My favorite thought experiment:

Memento Mori

Imagine a gun is placed on your head. You are given only one option to live. You must complete your 10 year goals in 6 months.
If you don't, you die.

Love every second

My life philosophy is based on a simple rule. Time is all that we have been given. I don't want to regret anything I don't do in the limited time we have.